Links to Friends and Family

Jimbino Vegan

Jimbino is an incredible songwriter and touring artist. He blends his hot jazzy music with socially conscious lyrics, ripping clarinet solos, breakdancing, and rapping to put on the best show to be found anywhere! His website also features his original artwork.


Grace Park & The Deer

The first Transcendental, Psychedelic, awe inspiring band you should see when you’re heading to Austin. Check them out!


Karla Mi Lugo

Karla is and accordion improviser, world class vocalist, champion whistler, self-proclaimed Balloon Art Therapist, and so much more! She plays to promote social change in the California Bay Area and also travels, ministering to the musically needy around the world! Check her out!


Nathan Rivera

Nathan’s songs are incredibly beautiful and original, his accordion and guitar playing will make you tap your toes, or maybe move your whole body! Often found accompanied by southern Californian Jessie Andra Smith. Go support Nathan’s wonderful music!


Intuitive Compass

Southern Oregon based Jason O’Dea and Aurelia Cohen’s vaudevillian folk is wonderful and mesmerizing. This Duo can be found minstreling all over the States and in Scotland too! Check them out!


Russell Welch

This Mississippi Gipsy brings the most swinging original style to Django’s Gipsy Jazz. Russell’s New Orleans influences make his compositions a delight to hear. And so swinging!


Jessie Andra Smith

Jessie’s beautiful voice and songwriting talents would thaw even the most frozen of hearts. Then she’ll fry up those hearts with a hot guitar solo! Often found accompanied by Californian Nathan Rivera.



The Incredible Incredible

Bellingham WA based Matthew “Poki” McCorkle and Justin Therrien’s Physical Theatre show is the most bedazzling exposition of magic, illusion, dance, nasal exploration, miming, and warm hearted audience interaction. Delighting crowds the world over! Make sure to see them when they come through town.


Free Peoples

Do you like funky music? Do you want to dance all night? Are you in the Bay Area? Or Idaho?


Michael & Lindalou Ryge

Lindalou and Michael’s CD Beginner’s luck is among the most beautiful musical offerings ever created. They live in Calistoga, CA.


Shine Delphi

Shine’s technical abilities on the guitar and his simple yet touching lyrics endear him to all types of audiences. He’s a modern day troubadour, his HA! favorite food is ham & eggs.


Laura Lackey’s Rhythm Revue

Budapest’s premier New Orleans style swing band brings unstoppable rhythm and dynamite vocal performances to their thrilled crowds of followers. In addition to playing in their home of Hungary they can be found touring America and relaxing in the Bay Area. Laura’s stage presence is divine!


Michael Lindner

Michael’s audio engineering skills are sought by many musicians around the California bay area. He’s also a funky bass player and a very generous guy. If you record at his studio in Healdsburg, you’re guaranteed to get a killer sound. Check him out!


Misha Miller

Misha is a Santa Rosa, CA based photographer. She did the beautiful work that appears on this website! Her talents are available for all types of photo related activities.


Eric Parthum

Eric put together this beautiful website for me. Check him out!