What is a Karl Kummerle?

An award winning performer whose work spans multiple genres, Karl Kummerle spreads the joy of music and song everywhere he goes. His musical roots began with a childhood study of celtic and bluegrass music and have since expanded to include jazz, classical, and world music styles from around the globe. These influences are all present in his original compositions for violin, piano, and ensemble.

Karl’s mission to promote positive social change through music-making and belief in music’s transcendental power to connect communities has led him to perform in over 20 countries. Each travel also presents an opportunity to study traditional folk music styles of a new place. As a result, Karl can perform authentic interpretations of many world music styles, including Transylvanian, Scottish, Scandinavian, Balkan, Chinese, Cajun, and Klesmer Musics.

In 2014 Karl recorded his first album, entitled “A Man Behind His Time”. The record was recorded in New Orleans and California, and featured over thirty musicians and friends. This summer of 2016 in New Orleans, Karl will be releasing a second album of original compositions inspired by the many artists and cultures he’s encountered on his travels. You can also find Karl recorded on the works of fellow musicians Nathan Rivera, Jimbino Vegan, Intuitive Compass, The New Orleans Cajun Bebop Ensemble, Grace Park & The Deer, Jessie Andra Smith, Shine Delphi, and many other great performers. Karl’s most recent projects included a Canadian tour with Physical Theatre duo The Incredible Incredible and a West Coast tour with renowned accordionist and Billy Holiday Impersonator Karla Mi Lugo.

In addition to performing and touring, Karl is an active music educator, teaching both in groups and privately. He has given workshops on world folk music styles, jazz improvisation, and violin technique at festivals and music events across the country. His teaching skills are highly regarded by all who experience them.

Karl can be found in Bellingham, Washington during the summer and New Orleans, Louisiana in the winter—while touring and traveling throughout spring and fall.